Xkupilja tal-Ħasil ​​tal-Karozzi Universali

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Element speċifiku:
  • Punt tip: Sponoż, Drapp u Xkupilji
  • Oġġett Wisa ':16.5cm
  • Tul tal-prodott:36cm
  • Dijametru tal-Punt:1cm
  • Punt Piż:395g
  • Tip ta 'Materjal: Microfiber
Karatteristiċi Excellent Performance: 6.5"*14.2" large brush 360-degree electrostatic microfiber dusting surface sucks up the dirt and dust quicker. It will take only 5-10 minutes to clean your vehicle, bike or boat and you don't need to go anywhere! Cleaning your outdoor patio furniture will not be a long and boring process anymore. After buying the brush, you won't need to wash your car so often. Save more time and money with our duster. Microfiber: Made of super soft hand-washable microfiber, no lint dropped, it can remove dust, dirt, and lint effectively without scratching your car. Eco-friendly: No water and chemicals are needed, be environmentally friendly with our duster. Ergonomic Design: Flexible aluminum rod help you reach somewhere high and fold the brush; Non-skip soft foam covered handle will not freeze your hand in winter; Come with a plastic bag, convenient for you to storage; And it also comes with a microfiber washcloth (25.6*11.8") to help wash your car. Easy to Clean: Simply shake it after each use to clean it. If you want to wash it, put it in warm water with mild detergent for 5-10 minutes. To dry it, put the duster in a dry ventilated place. Not machine-washable. Speċifikazzjoni
tip Microfiber Duster
materjal Microfiber, aluminju, ragħwa, plastik
kwantità pcs 1
Kulur tal-Oġġett Kif muri
Tul tal-Virga 18-39.5cm / 6.9-15.5"
Daqs tar-Ras Duster 16.5*36cm / 6.5*14.2" (D*H)
Daqs sħiħ Fold:16.5*54cm / 6.5*21.3"; Unfold: 16.5*75.5cm / 6.5*29.7" (D*H)
Piż nett 0.395kg / 13.9oz

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